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GM Approves Spanesi Benches, Jig System for CT6 Repairs

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Dec. 4, 2015—Spanesi’s Benches and the Superstar Universal Jig system have been approved by General Motors for structural repairs on the Cadillac CT6, Spanesi announced on Friday. In addition, Spanesi Benches have been approved to repair all GM vehicle models.

GM requires that all facilities that repair a CT6 have an approved holding system with a bench. Repair parts are only being distributed to shops that have had tools and equipment approved by GM. Technicians must also attend approved training to qualify for CT6 certification.

"Spanesi benches are the highest quality benches available in the collision repair industry.  We are proud to be approved by GM for not only the Cadillac CT6, but for use on all GM vehicles," stated Tim Morgan, managing director of Spanesi-Americas. "Built with aluminum and high strength steels, the Cadillac CT6 requires the vehicle to be anchored securely using structural or suspension locations instead of the traditional pinch weld locations. Spanesi's Superstar Universal Jig system easily meets these requirements, without having to purchase new equipment or rent fixtures."

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