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ACDelco Announces New Training Courses

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Aug. 11, 2015—On Monday, ACDelco announced that it has added three free online Techline Information System (TIS2Web) training courses to ACDelco TechConnect.

The courses are published on ACDelco Test Drive, and are designed to complement ACDelco’s TIS2Web Internet-based subscription service for GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System Software and Tech2 diagnostic software updates.

The new courses are:

  • Multiple Diagnostic Interface Familiarization (S-FN00-20.02WBT): Covers common characteristics of the MDI including setup software, on vehicle operation and the service programming system procedure
  • Global Diagnostic System (S-FN00-05.01WBT): Introduces the new Global Diagnostic System, including software and hardware components; setup and operation; and diagnostic procedures
  • Global Diagnostic System GDS2/MDI (S-FN006.01WBT): Covers the latest information on software, hardware, components, setup, operations and diagnostic procedures for GDS2

To enroll in the free courses, visit ACDelco’s website.

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