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I-CAR Offers New Fusor Course on Bonding

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April 20, 2016—LORD Corporation, maker of Fusor Repair Adhesives, announced Tuesday the launch of a new I-CAR Alliance Course focused on repair procedures for structural and mechanical bonding, Fusor 008 Structural and Mechanical Bonding. 

The course was developed in response to changing industry trends and repair procedures. Its aim is to explain the differences between structural and crash durable adhesives, recognize the types of mechanical fastening, how to safely use adhesives, as well as give an overview of adhesive operations and applications. 

“Collision repair professionals need to be up-to-date on the repair solutions and processes available to them to make the right repair,” Douglas Craig, technical application engineer and collision industry liaison for LORD Corporation, said. “This new Fusor 008 Structural and Mechanical Bonding training course brings the most current information on adhesives and mechanical bonding repair solutions to everyone involved in the repair process. Further, the course is available right in the shop, enabling relevant training in a format that technician can quickly absorb, while earning I-CAR Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual designations.” 

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