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Photo by courtesy Image Collision Repair Inc.

SHOP: Image Collision Repair Inc.  LOCATION: Greenville, S.C.  OWNER: Jody Caldwell

SIZE: 67,000 square feet MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 300-plus ANNUAL REVENUE: $7 million

1) When customers come into the Greenville, S.C., shop—one of four in the Image Collision Repair family—owner Jody Caldwell wants to make sure they immediately know where to go. Drawing their eyes to the front desk was important, and to do that he hired a local custom cabinet maker to build a custom, rounded reception area that was more than just a desk during the shop’s renovation in 2011.

2) Complementing the wooden front desk area is the mixture of ceramic tile and wood on the floor. Although appearance was part of the reason the materials were chosen, Caldwell also wanted to make sure the floor could handle being marked up by dozens of feet each day and wouldn’t immediately get dirty after a couple of hours. “We got hand-scraped hardwood,” Caldwell says. “It’s real hardwood and has a bit of a rough look to it. We were trying to make a focal point with the wood in the lobby.”

3) Having a “kids fun zone” for children to play in was important for two reasons: keeping kids entertained, and reacting to a shift in customer base. “We’ve actually got to where we work a lot with female customers,” Caldwell says, noting that the bathrooms also feature changing tables for babies. The play area has a padded floor to make sure kids are safe, and also contains things like puzzles and books to keep the young minds working, rather than a bunch of toys that can be taken out of the room. Soda, juice, and water are also on hand for the kids to enjoy at their parents’ discretion.

4) The furniture was chosen for its modern look. Everything is leather and was hand-picked. “We try to be different and give us a little bit more pop when someone comes in, and we want them comfortable,” Caldwell says. Those in the waiting area can sit back and watch satellite TV as well.

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