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Downtown Autobody

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Photo by Wes Hope

SHOP: Downtown Autobody  LOCATION: Maryville, Tenn.  OWNER: Dave Clark

SIZE: 20,000 square feet STAFF: 15 ANNUAL REVENUE: $2 million

1) When owner Dave Clark opened the facility of his dreams in November 2012, he knew he wanted to create a more personal, transparent experience during the estimating process. To that end, he positioned the two estimator’s offices in the lobby, separated by floor-to-ceiling glass windows. While the offices are still connected to the lobby, the wall blocks sound to maintain privacy.

“We wanted to be that see-through shop,” says Logan Love, operations manager. “But there’s enough privacy there to keep conversations private.”

The glass windows also allow the estimators to monitor the lobby and see when customers enter the shop.

“As soon as they walk in, we have two estimators here,” Love says. “Whichever way they look, they have someone to turn to.”

2) Each office is equipped with all the equipment necessary to carry out a complete estimate: a computer, access to the CCC One software and database, a printer, business cards, office tools and a camera. “Each estimator can do a full-on estimate from the time a customer walks through the door,” Love says. “They don’t have to walk around and get anything. There are cameras available so there’s not one floating around between three estimators.”

3) A door between the offices leads to the two climate-controlled drive-in estimating bays. The door offers quick access to the bays for an estimate, question, or to take a look at the car with the customer. “Even if you were to miss something or wanted to check something, you’re not walking around the parking lot,” Love says. “It’s a real quick fix.”

4) Each estimator’s office is also equipped with a tablet device. The estimators use the CCC One software to create the work file, snap pictures, and update the repair plan and master schedule. The device integrates wirelessly with the software, so the repair orders are already updated when the estimator gets back to his office. “A lot of those features have really helped us out as far as the speed at which we can do things,” Love says.

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