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2013 FenderBender KPI Survey

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During the last couple of decades, the collision repair industry has shrunk, insurance companies have become more involved, and technology has taken a giant leap forward. All of these changes have contributed to increases in shop performance, through heightened competition, requirements for DRP programs and the ability to monitor data like never before.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), those buzz terms like “cycle time,” “touch time,” and “CSI score,” have become a common discussion topic among shop operators. But just how common is the tracking of KPIs in the collision repair industry, and what numbers are today’s shops producing? We wanted to find out, so in January, we launched the 2013 FenderBender KPI Survey, made possible by Kia Motors America.

We collected data from 127 shops of various sizes and locations across the country, asking whether they track KPIs, and if they do, what their numbers are for a variety of performance indicators. For those that do, the specific performance indicators they monitor aren’t universal, but one trend is clear: Shops that track KPIs tend to be more successful.


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