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What can collision repairers upsell to customers?

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What types of things can collision repairers upsell to customers when their vehicle is already at the shop?  

Steve Trapp, collision services development manager, DuPont Performance Coatings:

Upselling additional services can benefit collision repair shops. DuPont Performance Coatings conducted an informal survey of collision shop customers, which revealed that 65 percent of customers are willing to consider purchasing an additional service.

As always, start by analyzing the damage on customer vehicles, and give them solid advice on the issue they initially came in for. After that, you have earned the right to ask customers if they would like you to assess their vehicle for any additional damage or to discuss other services. If the customer agrees, then proceed with putting together a package of potential upsells that would benefit them.

Every customer will be in a different situation regarding extra services they might need. It’s important for shop employees to listen to the customer’s needs, look over their vehicle closely and put together a package that fits those needs.

There are many things that collision repair shops can upsell. The following are just a few ideas, which are ranked by their frequency of success:

1. Paintless dent removal

2. Detail

3. Glass repair or replacement

4. Cosmetic ding and dent removal

5. Headlight restoration

6. Tires and wheel alignment

There are training options available for shops that want to improve their upselling skills. Most paint companies offer training. DuPont, for example, offers two classes called Customer Care & Advisory Selling I and II.

In general, the key to getting customers to accept the upsell is to offer it in the form of advice. Use an advisory tone of voice, and explain to the customer how the additional repair or service will add value to their vehicle, or allow them to feel safer while driving.   

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