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ARA applauds Utah salvage legislation, urges Ohio to follow suit

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March 21, 2012—Utah’s state Senate last week approved Senate Bill 260, which restricts purchases at auto salvage auctions to people who have valid Utah business and sales tax licenses, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).

The ARA said S.B. 260 also aids law enforcement by requiring reporting to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System and the Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division. The bill created a non-repairable category of vehicles that is meant to keep severely damaged automobiles from being repaired and returned to the roads.

The passage of S.B. 260 is a significant step in protecting consumers and the environment by preventing untrained and unlicensed individuals from buying cars at salvage pools, the ARA said.

“Keeping non-road worthy vehicles off the roads was at the heart of another salvage pool bill that passed recently in Florida,” the ARA said. “ARA is pleased to see that lawmakers all across America are paying increased attention to the dangers that arise by opening up auto salvage pools, and that they are taking steps to roll back efforts to make it easier for these vehicles to fall into the wrong hands.”

Legislators in Ohio are currently hearing testimonies on S.B. 273, which allows unlicensed and untrained individuals to purchase cars at salvage auctions, according to the ARA. The organization said it is urging Ohio legislators to vote against the bill for the following reasons:

• S.B. 273 threatens Ohio’s environment as unqualified businesses attempt to handle, dismantle and dispose of environmentally harmful products and hazardous materials.
• S.B. 273 threatens the safety of Ohio residents by allowing damaged vehicles to be repaired cosmetically and sold to uninformed consumers.
• S.B. 273 creates a competitive disadvantage for licensed recyclers in Ohio who put forth the effort and expense to comply with all local, state and federal regulations.
• S.B. 273 will reduce the available inventory for licensed auto recyclers in Ohio, as the vehicles are sold to unlicensed individuals at inflated prices.

The ARA is an international trade association that represents 4,500 automotive recycling facilities throughout the United States and 14 other countries. The organization is dedicated to environmentally friendly and efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the recycling of inoperable motor vehicles. For more information, visit

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