Honda joins Hyundai, Ford in trashing aftermarket parts

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August 20, 2010—American Honda release_notesd a position statement Friday recommending that repairers not use aftermarket parts to fix Honda and Acura cars.

Honda recommends that all replacement parts on Honda and Acura cars be genuine parts designated for use on that vehicle.

“The quality, performance and safety of these parts and whether they are compatible with a particular Honda vehicle are unknown. Only by purchasing Honda Genuine parts through an authorized U.S. Honda dealer can you be assured of the replacement part’s authenticity, reliability and compatibility,” Honda said in its statement.

Honda released a similar statement in March. However, it’s the latest manufacturer to advise repairers against using aftermarket parts since Ford Motor Co. released findings at the Collision Industry Conference in July that aftermarket parts are inferior to manufacturers’ parts.

Soon thereafter, Hyundai released a statement saying it doesn’t support the use of aftermarket parts in repairing its cars.

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