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2010 Paint Booths / Prep Stations / Booth Equipment

Accuspray System


Details The 3M Accuspray System aims to boost productivity by reducing the paint process time and waste. This system uses a replaceable atomizing spray head and accessories, which help to deliver a smooth finish and a usable pattern while reducing overspray. Accuspray is designed to work with the PPS System from 3M.


Phone 877.666.2277

AccuQADS System


Details This system is a retrofitted booth upgrade that supplies additional airflow from the corners of the spray cabin. Towers provide clean, filtered and heated air to create an environment for fast and controlled flash-off of waterborne basecoats and curing of top coats—regardless of the booth’s normal airflow rate. Visit the website for more details.


Phone 800.524.0340

Clean Shop Downdraft Prep Station

Clean Shop

Details This downdraft prep station captures dust and pollutants as they are produced. The fan continuously circulates air through filters and purifiers before re-releasing it into the shop. The downdraft motion ensures that all fumes and dust particles are drawn away.


Phone 800.449.2525

ECO Ultra Plus 1 Spray Booth

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)

Details This spray booth system was designed to be an ecofriendly solution to waterborne coatings. It features a patented controlled air-flow (CAF) ceiling, SmartCure control panel for cycle time control, and a high-efficiency heat system with variable frequency drives (VFD). All features work together to provide a high-quality finish.


Phone 877.658.7900

Pressurized Reverse Flow Paint Booth

Standard Tools and Equipment

Details This reverse flow, semi-downdraft spray booth pulls fresh air from cleaner upper levels of the working area and is pressurized using an intake fan. The filtered air is forced down, then pulled across the booth. It is made of 18-gauge galvanized steel and is extra long.


Phone 800.451.2425

Static Blow-Off Gun (Model P-2021-Z705)

NRD Inc.

Details NRD Inc. makes both battery operated and alpha-style static blow-off guns. This alpha version needs no power source and is completely safe to use in the presence of flammable solvents. It simply requires a dry, clean air supply to operate. Annual replacement of the ionizing cartridge is the only maintenance required.


Phone 800.525.8076


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