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September 29, 2010—As part of a list of environmental ways to keep up on car maintenance, is recommending the use of rebuilt/remanufactured and used parts to help save resources and money.

AutoMD cites cost savings of up to 50 percent on such parts and the fact that recycling parts cuts down on raw materials usage and the harmful emissions. AutoMD also recommends the “proper repair” of body parts, rather than replacing those parts.

“Metal body parts can be welded or straightened, and new repair techniques have increased the number of plastic body repairs using flexible repair materials like fiberglass,” AutoMD said in its press release_notes.

"At we want to empower car owners with information to help them 'green' their auto repair, not only to help save valuable environmental resources and prevent a polluted water supply but, importantly in this economic climate, to help them save significant dollars," said Shane Evangelist, president of’s five suggestions for environmentally friendly car maintenance are:
• Recycle oil, antifreeze and parts. Oil and antifreeze can usually be recycled at a local repair shop.
• Repair, don’t replace. This can help save resources and save money.
• Reuse parts and supplies. Rebuilt parts can cost up to 50 percent less than OEMs.
• Be resource friendly when cleaning. When cars are cleaned, soaps and liquids end up in the storm drain leading to streams, rivers or oceans. Be conscious of the products, or use a commercial car wash, which generally uses much less water.
• Use resource friendly parts, such as extended life antifreeze and organic brake pads.

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