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GRC-Pirk Management to qualify green shops for financial help

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June 12, 2012—GRC-Pirk Management, which is the registrar for, announced it is authorized to qualify certified green shop owners for funding assistance.

The authorization means that shop owners can get up to $100,000 in financing from participating utility companies and financial organizations, according to a news release_notes. Shop owners can get the financing by paying installments on their monthly utility bill or through traditional leasing options.

Shops that are eligible are registered under EPA green programs and have a three-year clean payment history with their utility company. The owners of the buildings are required to submit evidence of energy savings or pollution prevention measures. They are also required to complete a full credit and insurance review.

“In today’s tough economy, many shops delay the replacement or improvement of inefficient equipment and building components because the initial purchase costs are perceived as an obstacle," said Steven Schillinger, president of GRC-Pirk Management. “Despite attractive returns on investment and other long-term benefits of energy efficiency projects, many owners simply do not pursue going green opportunities because of ‘first-cost’ barriers. Proof of green can now be used to help overcome these initial cost barriers by making it easier to acquire up-front capital.”

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