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2010 Air Systems / Tools


Champion Pneumatic

Details Ideal for applications with intermittent duty and a low noise requirement. Integrated heavy-duty air-cooled aftercooler for up to 65 percent moisture removal. Magnetic starter for thermal overload protection and 80/20 duty cycle are standard features. Lightweight, high-density, die-cast aluminum alloy connecting rods for minimal reciprocating weight.


Phone 800.232.0865

PerfecT AIR 51: Heavy Duty

Reading Technologies, Inc.

Details Provides clean, dry compressed air for waterborne and solventborne paint jobs. Includes ½” inlet shutoff valve with two-stage prefilter with auto drain first stage to eliminate water, dirt and oil vapor. High volume hose assembly for two gun spraying systems with up to 50 scfm delivered to your guns. After filter eliminates downstream dust.


Phone 800.521.9200


Walcom USA

Details Combines a heating cartridge resistance unit with an internal heated hose. Double heating power allows set compressed air temperature at spray gun inlet and maintains the setup temperature regardless of environmental changes. Simultaneously allows to heat and thermo regulate compressed air and automatically regenerate silica gel.


Phone 601.874.2035

ERC Series Stacked System Air Compressors

Mattei Compressors

Details Ideal for waterborne paint systems that need high-flow drying air for only part of the work day. Compressors deliver direct coupled compressor and motor and slow 1,800 RPM rotational speed. Oil filter is cleanable through 60 HP. Provides up to 10,000 hours of service and low 1–3 ppm oil carryover.


Phone 410.521.7020

Air-Cooled Aftercooler


Details Compressor mounts the heat exchanger in front of the electric motor and a high flow fan on the electric motor shaft. Includes: magnetic starter, low oil control, automatic tank drain, vibration isolator pads and dual control, which allows the compressor to run both in start/stop or continuous run modes through the use of head unloaders.


Phone 800.497.9978


Kaeser Compressors

Details Size ranges from 3 to 40 hp with maximum working pressures available from 80 to 205 psig. The compressors are complete with starter, aftercooler and sound attenuating enclosure. The CFC-free refrigerated dryer delivers a consistent pressure dew point as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Customized filters can remove particles as small as .01 micron.


Duster 3000 Downdraft

Island Clean Air

Details Can clean all the air in up to 5,000 square feet floor area, delivering over 3,000 cfm and recirculating existing shop air. Four-stage filtration removes harmful invisible airborne dust particles down to three microns at 94 percent efficiency. Activated carbon filters remove unwanted toxic fumes and VOCs from the atmosphere.


Phone 800.661.8211

Tsunami Deluxe Compressor-Dryer Systems

Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.

Details Has an energy efficient automatic tank drain valve. Water separator removes moisture even when the compressor-dryer system is in bypass mode. Includes extra large oil level sight gauge and flexible drain tube for oil reservoir. NEMA-4 rated starter box with magnetic motor starter. Provides low humidity in compressed air from 3 to 7 percent RH.


Phone 800.782.5752



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