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Lynch Auto Body Inc.

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Photo by James Arroy

SHOP: Lynch Auto Body Inc.  LOCATION: Madison, Wis.  OWNER: Timothy Lynch

1) When remodeling the building, owner Timothy Lynch wanted to maintain as much of the original construction as possible. He had the door specially designed to replicate the original hinge doors that dated back to 1923.

2) As far as Lynch knows, the historic street lamp has been there since his father took over the shop in 1956. The light adds to the overall nostalgic look of the exterior.

3) Lynch wanted to balance the throwback design of the brick with an updated color scheme. That’s why he chose the green awnings, which he believes create a modern, elegant appearance.

4) Lynch says that the neighborhood has heavy pedestrian and bike traffic. He will often see people sitting on the bench, enjoying the scenery throughout the day.

5) When contemplating the design of his logo, Lynch again wanted to honor the past, while staying in the present. The curved lettering is designed to replicate the old-time signs that appeared in storefront windows, while the gold and black coloring is intended to convey a sleeker, more contemporary look. 

6) This large window looks into the shop floor. During the remodel, Lynch took down the blinds to let in more natural light and allow people to see the repair process.

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