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Keystone Automotive’s Role in the Industry

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Please describe your position at Keystone Automotive.

I joined Keystone Automotive Indus­tries in 1990. As director of marketing services, I oversee company-wide marketing communications and recently led Keystone’s rebranding efforts. My daily activities include employing the company’s strategic marketing goals and objectives and overseeing internal communications efforts among its 4,000 team members.


Keystone is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. How has it changed as the automotive industry has evolved?

Keystone has evolved from a small garage in Pomona, Calif., to a leading company dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of aftermarket parts. Our premium product line, Platinum Plus, not only provides a cost-effective alternative but also carries one of the best warranties in the industry. To ensure high quality, aftermarket parts manufacturers and distributors communicate regularly with collision repair centers about how the quality of performance of aftermarket parts can be improved.


What are some of Keystone’s biggest recent accomplishments?

To continue delivering its brand promise, Keystone recently underwent a rigorous brand development process to rediscover its meaning in the marketplace. Ultimately, “Raising the Standard Since Day One” was selected as the brand message to best capture the essence of the Keystone brand and represent its long history of excellence. A little over two years ago, we also launched the Web site, and to date, more than 27,000 people have signed up.


What has been the key to gaining a share of the replacement crash parts market?

We continue to gain market share by providing high-quality replacement parts and choices for consumers. Keystone’s aftermarket parts serve as an alternative for our customers with an estimated 20 to 40 percent savings over those parts supplied by the automobile manufacturer. For years, Keystone has stayed focused on improving quality and customer service.


What does the acquisition of Keystone by LKQ Corporation mean for the collision repair industry?

It presents unique opportunities to provide a comprehensive product line of aftermarket, remanufactured and recycled parts to our customers.


What have you learned about collision repairers during your tenure at Keystone?

I have learned that in order to be a successful company, you need to have the technology, products and team to meet the demands of daily business.


What might our readers be surprised to learn about Keystone?

It may not be too much of a surprise, but Keystone is a strong advocate of supporting the collision industry. We are always looking for ways to give back through supporting education, donating parts, making in-kind donations and services to charitable programs and educational institutions. Most recently, we participated in the “Keys to Speed” campaign benefiting the I-CAR Education Foundation and Collision Industry Foundation: Keystone donated a 1957 Speedster reproduction as the grand prize.


How are Keystone and its offerings different from those of competitors?

At Keystone, we understand the businesses of our customers and what drives their bottom lines. We know that quality and reliability are important to our customers because their reputation depends on it, so we offer the first and only premium aftermarket product line, Platinum Plus, with one of the industry’s best warranties. We also test and retest our products to ensure that in the end, our customers are satisfied. Year after year, Keystone has received one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

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