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New ALLDATA product to simplify estimating for repairers

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NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 11, 2012—At NACE on Wednesday, ALLDATA LLC introduced a product that automatically verifies estimates against regulations applicable to repairs, direct repair provider (DRP) guidelines and shop business rules.

"The number of complex rules an estimate must comply with keeps growing,” said ALLDATA president, Jeff Lagges in a company release_notes. “That complexity requires skilled, experienced estimators who must still spend time looking up specifics for various DRPs, new regulations and so on. ALLDATA Compliance operates behind the scenes to verify each line item, helping to eliminate guesswork, reduce lookup times, and lessen the need to hire and retain only the most experienced estimators. The combination means ALLDATA Compliance can help save shop owners a great deal of time and money.”

Equally important is the accuracy ALLDATA Compliance adds to each estimate, the company said, adding that, over time, the increased accuracy can help strengthen insurer relationships and potentially raise DRP scores, which may result in increased referrals and revenue.

“Now is one of those times that automation does more than speed up a process,” said Lagges. “It heightens quality at the same time, which can ultimately increase the amount of customers who choose your business for repairs.”

ALLDATA Compliance also allows shop owners to create and comply with customized internal business rules. Automation that ensures estimates meet external guidelines and regulations, along with internal business requirements, can help owners boost profitability and eliminate concerns that exceptions will be uncovered during insurance company re-inspections.

“We understand the challenges shop owners face during the estimating process,” said Lagges. “By combining ALLDATA Collision and ALLDATA Estimate Integration with our new ALLDATA Compliance product, we believe we have eliminated many of our shop owners’ most troubling estimating challenges.”

For more information about ALLDATA and the ALLDATA Compliance, please visit

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