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Choosing a spray gun to fit all your painting needs can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision to make, where most of the time that decision is filled with compromises. From the job type to the weight of the paint or even the types of additional equipment needed to support this tool, there are so many factors that weigh into choosing a spray gun to best fit your needs. But you shouldn’t have to settle when looking for a spray gun you can afford.

The SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO spray gun is a high-quality tool you should consider adding to your collection. From its impressive style to its versatile performance and precision build, the 3300-GTO is a premium gun through and through. The only feature missing is the hefty price tag to match.

FenderBender sat down with Josh Daniels and Darold Moore, two FinishMaster Tech Reps who are experts in the collision repair industry, to learn what makes the SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO spray gun stand out from its competition.

Precision Manufacturing and Machining

No details were left out when designing and manufacturing the 3300-GTO, from its ergonomic design to the tip of the cap. It offers a wide range of solutions for different painting applications, utilizing the highest quality parts and high transfer nozzles.

“I've gotten a lot of remarks on the tool like when you take the caps off, the tooling of the aluminum, and everything,” says Daniels. “As a painter, it’s very pretty. Everybody says when you take that gun apart, the parts are just so nice. It feels good in your hand. It's not heavy. Even when you have a big disposable cup, a large cup with a lot of product, it’s still very, very light.”

The lightweight design helps lessen fatigue and makes your jobs more efficient.

Metal Construction

The metal construction, including the stainless-steel nozzle and needle, gives the gun a high-quality feel while making itSMT3300GTO_ExplodedView (1).png light weight. This alone places it in line with some of the best guns on the market.

“There are three big hitters in the gun market, but this one is right there with the best of them,” says Moore. “You can see it when you're holding it. It’s not flimsy, it’s sturdy. It’s made of good quality parts. I would put it right there with the top three for sure.”

Inside and out, this spray gun is sure to impress. Without any plastic parts, the gun is quick and easy to clean and put back together, without impacting its future performance.

“When you take it apart and when you’re holding the pieces in your hand, you can tell by the weight and the feel that the quality is way better than some of the other cheaper guns on the market,” says Daniels. “It’s the way it feels in your hand. A lot of guys tell me they don’t have any pressure points or anything on their hand. They said it feels like everything is smooth and it's rounded, and it just feels really good.”

Premium Performance at an Exceptional Price

The SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO spray gun gives you the best of both worlds; premium performance at a price you can afford. Paired with its versatility and ease of use, the 3300-GTO is a perfect match for a beginner, and even the most experienced painter.

According to Moore, the versatility stands out the most: “When this gun first came out, we were kind of thinking guys were going to buy it as a sealer gun or maybe for an apprentice, somebody just getting into the field," he says. "It's a really nice gun [at a valuable] price. The guys that got it for sealer keep saying, ‘Yeah, I tried it for base the other day and it was amazing.’ They’re utilizing it for a lot more than just sealer and a lot more than just for apprentices.”

“I could spray base coat, I could spray waterborne basecoat, I could spray solvent, I can spray clear coat and my jobs are coming out right, metallic control is even great with it,” says Daniels.

When shopping for the right spray gun, price tags can influence the painter’s decision, especially if they’re working with a set budget. But the best approach and mindset to have when purchasing a spray gun is to consider it as an investment for their tool supply and the quality of their work. “A lot of guys are a little gun shy,” says Moore. “That’s because there’s not a lot of [the SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO spray guns] out there yet but I mean, for a $388 price point, I wouldn't be afraid to buy this thing at all because you're definitely going to be satisfied.”

The SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO is exclusively sold at FinishMaster and available in a limited edition SMART color scheme, so your gun looks as sharp as your paint job. With a 3-year warranty, you can be confident that the SMART by Sagola 3300-GTO is built to last. Learn more by going to and request a demo today!

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