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Polyvance Offers New Self-Paced, Online Plastic Repair Course.

If your technicians need some training on plastic repair, Polyvance can help. Polyvance’s new “Nitrogen Plastic Welding 1” (NW-1) course in Polyvance University is an online course that takes the student through every step of doing a proper nitrogen plastic weld on a polypropylene bumper cover.

The NW-1 course is offered online in 12 short modules. The course is self-paced and takes about an hour to complete in full. This rigorous course includes three quizzes; a certificate of completion is provided if the student achieves a score of 70% or better.

The course covers the following learning objectives:

• Safety Considerations

• Aligning Cracks and Tears

• Fixturing Cracks and Tears

• V-Grooving the Crack

• Selecting the Welding Rod Profile

• The Basic Nitrogen Plastic Welding Process

• Welding a Tear in the Middle of a Bumper Cover

• Welding a Tear to the Edge of a Bumper Cover

• Grinding and Sanding the Completed Weld

The NW-1 course is Polyvance’s latest addition to Polyvance University, which also includes the Basics of Plastic Repair course. Both courses are appropriate for technicians, estimators, and shop management. It’s important for the entire team to know plastic repair so they can recognize and capitalize on the opportunities. For more information on the NW-1 course, visit www.polyvance.com 

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