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Decades ago, there were generally two options for customers looking for auto repairs: car dealerships and independent body shops. Motorists were faced with either taking their vehicle to the dealership, whose work was typically more expensive, or a body shop, which was seen as friendly, but potentially lacking the tools or expertise that a dealership may have.

Now, it has been largely accepted by independent shop owners, that to build sustainability in the collision repair industry, a collision center needs to be certified with at least one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certification. Because to consumers, OEM certifications mean that a facility has been acknowledged by an automaker to only use factory-approved processes to properly repair their vehicle back to pre-accident condition. 

ABRA franchisees have had a wealth of experience in obtaining OEM certifications, and their work has paid dividends. ABRA facilities can offer high-quality repairs for brands approved by the automaker, with the trusted level of service that comes from a local business owner. But it’s easier said then done, as earning OEM certifications requires the facility to have specific training, tools, and repair processes approved by the manufacturer, which can be a significant investment. However, the effort is worth it. The ABRA network understands this and has realized the following benefits from their expertise. 

Superior Technology & Equipment

OEM certifications introduce your facility access to the latest equipment and tools available in the industry. Not only will this raise the value of your repair capabilities, but it will also build trust with your customer base.  


Specialized Training

OEM certifications grant you and your team access to specialized training. Employees will have access to the most updated repair and service methods pertaining to manufacturer specifications, helping technicians get the vehicle back to pre-accident collision more efficiently.  


Specialized Marketing

OEM certifications allow you to market your business as a specialist in that brand. This will attract the interest of your customers and insurance partners. Customers will feel confident leaving their vehicle in your hands and will be more likely to opt for your local business.


Industry Standards

OEM certifications will elevate your shop standards. Employees are held to a higher responsibility of service with the advanced equipment, technology, and training at their disposal. This will create an environment of excellence, with exceptional repairs, and minimized re-work.

ABRA remains committed to providing the highest level of collision repair, and OEM certifications are a key part of achieving this. By investing in an OEM certification as a body shop owner, you are investing in your staff, service, customers, and reputation. You are not only adding value to your repairs but attracting the interest of qualified technicians. In addition, ABRA franchisees are backed by a team to help provide additional training and resources for the facilities to obtain OEM certifications.

With OEM certifications, ABRA remains a top provider of collision repair and customer service, equipped to meet not only the standards of its customers but the standards of the collision repair industry as a whole.

Visit ABRAauto.com to learn more or complete this form if you would like to work with ABRA Auto Body Repair Experts of America.

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