Iowa Repair Shop Opens Bay for Body Work Following Storm

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Hail Fallen Around Truck

Aug. 24, 2022—A shop in Iowa that usually specializes in mechanical repair has switched gears after a recent hail storm overwhelmed the community with damage. 

According to WHO 13, drivers in West Des Moines are in desperate need of hail damage repairs on their vehicles following an impactful round of storms that hit the area. Body shops are getting booked up.

Valley West Corner Store has stepped up to the challenge by opening up a service bay for body work purposes. The goal is to help people get the work done that they need completed sooner rather than later.  

“Repair shops, they’re inundated, backed up. So what we’re doing is opening up a bay here and also the car wash and we’re going to allow a company to come in and allow them to do the work out of here to hopefully get people in and out for their car repair. I know some repair shops have been quoting November or later,” said shop owner Chad Staudenmaier to WHO 13. 

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