How to Avoid Missing Required ADAS Calibrations

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Last year may end up being one of the deadliest for U.S. drivers and their passengers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), traffic fatalities increased by nearly 11 percent in 2021. Among the contributing factors: excessive speed.

To lessen the severity of accidents—including those caused by speeding—OEMs have expanded the use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). In addition, they have committed to making ADAS technologies like front crash prevention standard. 

While that is great news for consumers, it creates additional challenges for repairers—especially when it comes to front-facing cameras, blind spot monitors and radar sensors impacted by a collision. Those challenges include:

  • Knowing Which ADAS Features Are Present on Every Automobile That Enters the Shop
  • Understanding the OEM Requirements for Recalibration and a Proper, Safe Repair
  • Ensuring That No Calibrations Are Inadvertently Missed
  • Maintaining Control Over the Repair While Managing the Calibration Work

Free ADAS Consultation

To assist you in staying compliant with OEM requirements and returning customers to the road safely, Mitchell’s ADAS calibration experts will provide your facility with a free ADAS calibration audit that: 

  • Evaluates the Vehicles in Your Shop and Those You Have Recently Repaired
  • Shows You How to Determine Which of Those Vehicles Require Calibration
  • Assists You in Calculating the Revenue Potential of Bringing That Work In-House
They will also explain what technologies will allow you to manage the repair efficiently by performing simple, quick and precise ADAS calibrations onsite rather than subletting the work—all designed to help you reduce cycle time and boost revenue.

Request your free ADAS report.


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