Atlanta I-CAR Supports High School Collision Repair Through CREF

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June 13, 2022—The Atlanta I-CAR Committee is helping support collision repair programs at high schools in Georgia through the Collision Repair Education Foundation. 

According to a press release, the Paulding County High School of Dallas, Georgia, auto body program recently held its second annual Small Car Race. This involves students making their own six-inch-long cars using recycled parts and racing them against one another. 

Around 100 people attended the race. The program is still relatively new for the school, but the support they have received so far has helped it to become a great outlet for students. 

“Without the support we’ve received from our advisory board, the Atlanta I-CAR Committee and the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF), there’s no way this program would be anywhere near where it’s at,” said program instructor Leroy Goodwin in the press release. “Our advisory board members are committed to our program and constantly make sure we have everything we need. The Atlanta I-CAR Committee has funded grants and donated tools, equipment and computers, while CREF has also given us tools, estimating software, paint and many materials. These groups are our backbone, and we wouldn’t have this program if it wasn’t for their aid.”

Paulding County High School received a $10,000 CREF Benchmark Grant in 2021, which is funded by the Atlanta I-CAR Committee’s Annual Golf Tournament. At their most recent tournament, the committee raised over $100,000 to support collision repair education programs through CREF. 

“These guys really care about the industry, and they work tirelessly to get things done,” said Sam Melaragno, an instructor at Maxwell High School who was in attendance at the tournament. “Our advisory board is also great. They’re involved and eager to support our program, and they provide input on our curriculum to help us understand how we can get our students ready for them to hire. Their input is as valuable as the support they give us financially.”

The Atlanta I-CAR Committee also recently awarded two $3,000 scholarships to Marinelly Santiago and Abale Haylay, both students at Maxwell High School.

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