Pennsylvania Shop Sees Some Improvement Amid Shortages

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May 16, 2022—Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages continue to impact every aspect of the automotive industry, but there are some shops like Tim's Auto Body Shop in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania who are experiencing some improvements. 

According to PA Home Page, Tim's Auto Body Shop was really hit back in January when the shop was full of undrivable vehicles due to parts shortages and being short staffed. 

Lack of staffing and trouble accessing parts is something that many body shops can relate to right now. Tim's is fully staffed now. Andrew Richards, the shop's manager, says that this has helped ease some of their stress.

Tim's is booked out one month, and this is an improvement on where they were at in January which was twice that much. 

However one major issue plaguing this shop (as well as many others), hasn't gone away. 

“There’s still parts problem, you know with getting parts, and it’s across the board,” says Richards to PA Home Page. 

For example, Richards shares with PA Home Page that a vehicle that has been at the shop since January is just getting repaired because they have had to wait so long for the necessary parts. 

It definitely looks as though labor and parts shortages will be continuing to impact shops for awhile, but navigating these issues one step at a time may be the best course of action to ease up on some of these stressors. 

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