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Opus IVS™ Introduces NEW DriveSafe™ Tool with IVSTrio™

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Opus IVS™, a global diagnostic scanning, ADAS calibration, programming and support resource leader that is pioneering the future of safe complex vehicle repair, is releasing IVSTrio™ as a 3-pronged safety and productivity feature for its best-selling DriveSafe™ collision repair tool.  

The NEW DriveSafe, a user-operated full aftermarket scan tool with IVSTrio includes 1) IVSTrue™ OE for OE scans and reports run by Opus IVS expert technicians using OEM-approved and licensed software; 2) IVSQuickScan™ for rapid delivery of aftermarket QuickScan results in two to four minutes; and 3) IVSRepair™ for full aftermarket multi-brand diagnostic software with live data, bi-directional controls, system tests and ADAS calibration functions.  

According to Brian Herron, Opus IVS President, “IVSTrio is a direct result of substantially completing the merge of diagnostic data from our acquisitions of AutoEnginuity and Autologic to expand coverage and pursue our vision to be the single leading diagnostic, calibration, programming and support resource through innovative technology and best-in-class customer service.” Herron added, “IVSTrio represents the next generation of safety and productivity in complex vehicle repair. With IVSTrio, we tell collision shops to aftermarket Quickscan when you can, OE scan when you need to.™”  

Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies, far surpassed 1 million annual collision scans this year and is forecast to hit 2 million scans in 2022. DriveSafe™ helps improve cycle time while performing aftermarket pre-, in-process and post-scans, OE scanning, flash programming and ADAS calibrations. The NEW DriveSafe with IVSTrio is one collision solution that does it all backed by IVS 360™ Live Expert Support and fully integrated with CCC ONE® software. 

To learn more about Opus IVS DriveSafe™ with IVSTrio™ and the company’s aftermarket QuickScan™ and OE scanning solutions, visit

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