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Build Your Shop’s Brand with Colad’s Private Label Options

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Colad's Private Label options include select items from their product line for you to build and grow your shop’s brand.

Colad continues to revolutionize the collision repair industry and now has the capabilities of a full-scale print shop. From full-color printing to embroidery, they have the technology to turn your plain paint suit into a statement piece for your shop.

Customizable items include: 

  • The BodyGuard® Paint Suit and Lab Coat
  • Colad Nylon Paint Suit and Lab Coat
  • Colad Pump Spray Bottle

Colad is able to add your logo, the shop's name, or even a worker's name. And the best part is that the minimum order requirement is only one piece!

Colad’s goal is to put money back into your pockets. Their investment in private labeling is an investment in you. Colad is giving out every tool and resource at their disposal to help you grow your brand.

They’ll take what you send, and through your choice of embroidery or full-color print, turn a plain paint suit into your team's uniform. There are no designations or setup fees for logo placement on their products.

It's about bringing recognition to your name. Colad offers a dynamic action-spray bottle you can use for various types of liquids you use throughout the day in the shop. In addition to personalizing your paint suits, they can put that same logo from your apparel on your Pump Spray bottle.

Take advantage of Colad’s investment in private labeling⁠—they did it for you to develop your brand and keep money in your pockets. Make a name for yourself by putting it in print with Colad!

And so the question stands⁠—can you afford not to choose Colad?

Visit to see the full product offering or call 855.629.1732 for more information on Colad’s customization options.

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