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Magic is a term used to describe the undiscovered, the unimagined, and the unprecedented.

Take The Jetson's television program, for example⁠—do you remember George Jetson and his boy Elroy? It was a series that ran from September 1962 through November 1963 and featured the Jetsons, a family residing in their futuristic hometown of Orbit City in the year 2062.

The Orbit City inhabitants relied on support from similar technology that we rely on today. They would use video calling to communicate, just like Facetime and Zoom. Their vacuum was a robot maid named Rosie, eerily similar to today's Roomba. The series incorporated holograms and drone technology to support human life and make day-to-day tasks more manageable. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The Jetson universe featured technology that, in the early 60s, could only be described as fiction. At the time, it was perceived as magic.

An Ultraviolet Revolution

Of course, now we know, all of these innovations aren't some type of sorcery⁠—they're all possible and genuine solutions to the issues we face today. Colad is taking a page out of The Jetson's book and doing the same thing in our industry⁠—the world of automotive refinish and collision repair.

The goal is to disrupt the industry and put money back into your pocket by providing all the necessary tools and resources. The magic that assisted the Jetson family and the residents of Orbit City is the same magic Colad is using to help you thrive in our industry.

Take the UV Fast Curing System, for instance. Colad stands at the vanguard of an Ultraviolet Revolution after developing a complete and comprehensive UV Fast Curing System utilizing ultraviolet light and UV-cured putties.

Colad's pair of proprietary putties are the ideal choice in minor repairs like fixing slight unevenness, micro-holes, rock chips, dents, and small cracks. They'll cure in less than 7 seconds after application when exposed to proper UV light. The system eliminates both waste and wait.

The single-component nature of the UV putties removes the need for a hardener, ultimately eliminating the necessity of longer wait times for the product to cure. Colad wants you to take that surplus of time, money, and product and put it back into your business.

Building your Brand with Private Label

Colad's innovations are not only top-quality tools and consumables but also opportunities to build your brand. Colad's Private Label will put your name directly under the industry spotlight.

Colad can now take a plain paint suit or lab coat and turn it into your shop's uniform. Through your choice of full-color print or embroidery, they'll use your brand to customize your order of paint suits and lab coats.

The Colad team will work with you to design a personalized set of suits to your preference including any logos, pertinent information like the shop's name or worker names, or position designation and color choice. Take their line of BodyGuard® or Nylon paint suits and transform them into the envy of your competition. 

Colad's investment in Private Label is an investment in you. Take advantage of the customization options and make a name for yourself by putting it in print to continue to build your brand.

And so, the magic question stands… Can you afford not to choose Colad? 

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