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The paint booth can be one of the tightest bottlenecks in a collision repair shop. But by putting the right tools in the hands of your painters, this point of congestion can easily become as efficient as the steps surrounding it—resulting in faster cycle times. 

“The longer that it takes for the shop to get a car through the process, the more it costs them—and ultimately the customer,” Corey Munn, global segment marketer at 3M, explains.

By improving paint booth efficiency, shops can get each customer’s vehicle back on the road faster, allowing for a larger car count. 

The easiest efficiency gains? Helping the painter spend less time setting up and breaking down their equipment—simplifying spray-gun changeovers and making cleanup easier can save time while retaining quality. 

“If the painter is spending more time painting, you're improving the process for everybody,” Munn says. “More material is going through the booth, more product is going out the door, and it’s a better use of that painter’s skills.”


The Right Tool for the Job 

The new 3M™ Performance Spray Gun is engineered with efficiency in mind. With simplified cleanup and versatile range of quick-change replaceable atomizing heads, the Performance Spray Gun offers little fuss.

“The industry didn't need a better-performing paint gun,” Munn says. “What it needed was a paint gun that provides the top-tier performance and consistency a painter can trust, while delivering process benefits that the industry has never seen.” Munn says. 

The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun System allows painters to easily combine a range of atomizing head sizes and 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Paint Cups to match each job. They can prepare multiple paint cups and bring them into the booth with one gun body—reducing maintenance and cleaning interruptions.

“Painters are a very well-paid and compensated resource because they are integral to the productivity and the quality output of a shop,” Munn says. “Enabling their time and skills to be used in painting rather than cleaning and changeovers is a productive for the shop.”


From the Field

The modern and lightweight design of the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun has technicians and painters throughout the industry improving paint booth efficiency and improving cycle time. Because of the replaceable nozzles, technicians can paint different colors with little setup time between them.

“Since it's as easy as just a couple of quick twists of the locking collar to swap nozzles, you can move between colors quickly inside the booth,” Brady Haislet, application engineer at 3M, explains. “You don't have to go back and forth to the mix room, and you don't have to spend time cleaning guns between jobs—you can bake them on the same cycle.”

The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun provides painters with the performance they trust, along with unique efficiency benefits new to the field.

“The gun helps painters advance their quality, consistency, and productivity—while helping the shop as a whole build productivity.” Munn says. 

Learn more about the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun at or by watching the FenderBender "Ask the Expert" video here.

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