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Years ago, Jason Dupree was on the couch with a friend, most likely watching football, and decided that his business needed a website. With that, and the help of his friend, was born. But as useful as it was to have a working website for his shop, Dupree describes the design as something a modern-day 10-year-old could create. 

JasonDupree wanted what a neighboring shop had, a website that would make customers want to just drop their car off in the lot and say, “I'm here, take my keys and do whatever,” he explains. 

“I was so impressed with their website’s layout and how informative it was,” he says. “Everything was on there, and it just made you want to go to that location.

Dupree found out that the nearby mechanic shop was using Autoshop Solutions. He did some research, and in 2014, came to the conclusion that the auto repair-focused marketing firm would also be a great fit for his business. After a short three months of working with Autoshop Solutions, Dupree started to see a tremendous increase in phone traffic. 

Months turned into years, and Dupree has been able to substantially grow his business through his strong relationship with Autoshop Solutions.

“I honestly don't think I'd be where I am right now if it wasn't for the exposure they helped me get,” Dupree says. “Autoshop Solutions has always been there, and I couldn't imagine them not being a part of what I'm doing.”


Constant Communication

Every solid relationship is built on communication, and with Autoshop Solutions, it’s no different. Early on, Dupree was set up with an account manager who would be his direct line of contact to the company. 

He now hears from his account manager a few times every month to touch base and talk updates. The one-on-one relationship involves steady communication and offers Dupree a go-to person for any questions or thoughts.

“They generally reach out to me by email to let me know what changes they are considering and then they ask for my input,” he says. “Or if I've got any ideas, they're there, helping me go through them and changing things at my request.”

In addition to the check-ins, Dupree says that any communication with Autoshop Solutions is met with a quick answer.  

“If I send an email or call them, I'm not waiting days for a response,” he explains. “I usually have a response within two or three hours, and I really appreciate their reliability.” 


Open Collaboration 

Like everything on the internet, has changed and evolved over the 

years. The design and navigation has become more streamlined as technology has progressed, and new additions to the site have been added. 

Dupree has been able to collaborate with the Autoshop Solutions team, as well as his own, to ensure his website has everything it needs to serve both his customers and staff. 

“Working with Autoshop Solutions is very helpful for someone like me because I am able to have so much input,” he explains. 

When it comes time to update his website, Dupree will turn to his team and asks them what can be added that will make their lives, and their customers’ lives, easier. 

Over the years, new resources have been added to the shop’s website, including repair orders and information about our pre-and post-scans.

“Autoshop Solutions has helped us put everything together, which has helped our office tremendously,” he says. “They listen, that's the biggest thing,”



Trusted Partnership

Putting your website and online presence in the hands of an outside company can be scary. You work so hard to create a positive and strong environment inside of your shop, and would never want that conveyed differently on your website. 

For Dupree, Autoshop Solutions’ constant communication and determination to help him grow his business has created a strong sense of trust. This trust is part of the reason Dupree has been such a longtime and loyal customer. 

“Autoshop Solutions has taken my business to a whole different level,” he explains. “So it's hard not to trust someone who has my best interest in mind and who wants my business to succeed.”


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