Allstate Ranks Best Driving Cities in America

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Aug. 28, 2013—Allstate Insurance Company released a report on Tuesday ranking which of America’s 200 largest cities has the safest drivers.

Fort Collins, Colo., topped the list for the third time in the nine-year history of the report. Fort Collins has been in the top ten every year. The report indicates that the average Fort Collins driver will experience an auto collision every 13.9 years, which is 28.2 percent less likely than the national average of 10 years.

The report, Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, uses Allstate claims data to identify which cities have the lowest collision frequency.

The top ten cities and their average years between collisions are:

1. Fort Collins, Colo., 13.9
2. Boise, Idaho, 13.9
3. Sioux Falls, S.D., 12.8
4. Brownsville, Texas, 12.7
5. Madison, Wis., 12.5
6. Reno, Nev., 12.5
7. Huntsville, Ala., 12.5
8. Visalia, Calif., 12.3
9. Montgomery, Ala., 11.9
10. Eugene, Ore., 11.9

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