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Just a couple blocks from where I live, in an inconspicuous brick building, is a Subway sandwich shop. It’s the kind of place you might drive by every day and not give any thought to. I mean, it’s a Subway. It is what it is. You’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. Right?

Well, imagine my surprise when I was browsing my neighborhood’s NextDoor community the other day and read a post titled “Kind Soul at Subway,” describing the wonderful, caring, upbeat front counter employee. Even more surprising? The comments. 

“Oh, Ms. Becky? She is a wonderful lady who takes customer service to a whole new level.” 

“She has made my day several times.” 

“She is the only Subway employee I’ve ever hugged.” 

Dozens and dozens of comments all from people who not only know who Becky from this Subway location is, but also have similarly effusive comments about her. My favorite one was from a woman whose husband doesn’t even like Subway but eats at that location multiple times per week because he says they have the nicest employees he has ever encountered and upon walking in, they wave and immediately start making his sandwich order from memory. 

Turns out, that wasn’t even the only NextDoor thread about her! There was even one wondering if it would be possible to petition the mayor to declare a “Ms. Becky Day” citywide.

And, to be clear, this Subway is located on one of the most popular shopping and dining streets in the city. There are plenty of arguably better dining options just on that block.

So, why am I telling you this random story about a random Subway franchise in a random city in the United States?

First of all, I think it’s a great reminder that exceptional customer service can be found anywhere. But more importantly, I hope that, after reading that story, you’re thinking to yourself, “Do I have a Ms. Becky at my shop?” And if not, “How can I find one?”

Because that’s how you gain customers for life.

In our main feature this month, “Let’s Stay in Touch,” associate editor Kelly Beaton dives into customer retention, and how to better utilize remarketing, social media and follow-ups. And while those modern methods are certainly effective, it’s important not to overlook “the basics.” 

Great customer service makes a difference. With customers typically only getting into accidents every 7-10 years, how are you leaving a lasting impression on your customers? It could come down to something as simple, effective, and elusive as Ms. Becky. 

Anna Zeck
Editorial Director

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