Air Cooler Protects Technicians from Heat-Related Illnesses

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June 25, 2020—Because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds employees responsible for protecting workers from extreme heat, one company has invented a new product intended to keep shop workers cool.

The Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler was designed to help shops improve efficiency during the hottest summer months. The product costs just $1 per 8-hour workday, according to a press release. The product was designed to pull in hot air through the back and cool it frequently using an evaporative media media that reduces the air temperature by as much as 26 degrees.

Additionally, the Cool Boss's oscilating swing-louvers push the air out in multiple directions, the press release says, cooling down much of the shop at once. To promote a healthier shop environment, a negative air ionizer can be turned on or off.

To learn more about the BendPak product, click here.


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