IIHS: AVs Can Only Reduce Crashes by One-Third 

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June 10, 2020—Recent research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety noted that autonomous vehicles might not reduce crashes as significantly as some expect, as noted in an article

According to automotive safety experts, nearly 94 percent of crashes are caused by humans. That said, the aforementioned IIHS study found that self-driving vehicles would only stop roughly one-third of accidents. 

The IIHS studied 5,000 crashes for its research, noting specific details collected by the National Highway Traffic Association. For its research, the IIHS assumed that all other vehicles are self-driving. Including human drivers in with the other road users increases the risk substantialy, as the vehicles then have to try to predict what the humans are going to do next. With machines, they'll be able to communicate with them using vehicle-to-vehicle technology. 

The full IIHS report can be accessed by clicking here

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