Survey Finds Distracted Driving on the Rise

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April 17, 2020—A study conducted by Netradyne, a leader in AI technology focusing on driver and commercial fleet safety, found that while commercial drivers feel safe, they acknowledge they could be safer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driving technology can be beneficial and simultaneously concerning, according to a Netradyne press release.

Some 22 percent of commercial drivers have been injured in a distracted driving incident. Commercial drivers drive 7.4 hours per day, and the most common types of goods transported are construction materials (33 percent), local goods (30 percent), and foods or plants (20 percent). 

When it comes to awareness of distractions, nearly 70 percent of commercial drivers and 73 percent of standard drivers want better blindspot detection. 

Overall, 86 percent of commercial drivers feel safe while driving and 54 percent feel there is a growing perception that driving is safer over time. The top five distractions for commercial drivers are drinking liquids, events outside the vehicle, looking at a GPS device, adjusting the in-vehicle audio and fiddling with vehicle controls.

According to the press release, a key component of on-the-road safety has been identified as artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which can both help and hinder drivers who don’t necessarily understand the technology at this point. For commercial drivers, AI can help with route recommendations, data collection and driver coaching.

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