The Keys to Keeping a Shop Afloat During Crises

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March 23, 2020—During the coronavirus slowdown, here are a few ways your small business can stay afloat, according to Zenefits

  1. Offer coupons for your current customers if they refer someone during the downturn.
  2. Start an email incentives referral program. Help your business ride out the storm by emailing your current customers and giving them coupons, free items, or other values if they refer someone via email to your business. This helps you grow your email list and your social channels.

When business is slow for a small business with part timers, the employees who count on the income will see a reduction in pay if you cut back.

Here are a few ways you can help them:

  1. If you decide to do a delivery service, add a tip box to your checkout forms (or a reminder in the thank you email to tip the delivery person).
  2. Offer to pick up the tab for morning coffee, donuts, or a snack during the day for a week or two.
  3. Bargain with a local daycare to see if you can arrange a discount in exchange for your services or goods and pass the discount to your employees who have kids out of school.

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