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From The Editors: The Hiring Tips You Need to Know

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In the inaugural episode of From the Editors, vice president of content Bryce Evans and editorial director Anna Zeck break down the biggest stories in the February issue of FenderBender.


First, the two discuss why it’s important to be a lifelong learner and an accepting beginner (as well as why Anna will never hack it as a pro golfer and Bryce as a concert pianist) (2:00). Then, learn the three hiring tips during the recruiting and interviewing process, straight from our cover story, “The Hiring Handbook” (6:15). To round out the issue, find out how to implement Jason Boggs’ tactics for redefining what success and failure looks like to your team (12:10). 


And finally, get a behind-the-scenes look at FenderBender’s latest launch, the ADAPT: Automotive Technology Summit, happening May 31-June 2 in Nashville (16:15).




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