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VeriFacts Launches Technical Support Form for Non-customers

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Nov. 20, 2013—VeriFacts Automotive announced Monday it has launched a request form on its website to assist repairers during the blueprinting and repair process.

“We felt that there was a need in the market for technicians and estimators to pose questions to an expert resource,” said Amy McDonough, technical support administrator for Verifacts. “Most shops have a subscription to an information provider or in many cases to an OEM site to research repair methods and procedures. VeriFacts Automotive has been providing second level support to our customers for years and want to ensure that every vehicle is repaired safely and properly. Right now we have the ability to receive a text form and we are working to allow for uploading photos that are often critical to identifying the proper repair information.”

The form can be accessed at the VeriFacts website.

“It is our mission at VeriFacts Automotive to make sure that the consumer is safe after a repair, using the least invasive and most efficient repair methods available. Part of that mission is to support our customers, and now non-customers, with a team to research repair procedures and information availability and share where possible for the repairs being completed,” said Doug Irish, president of VeriFacts.

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