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Introducing the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System

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The system combines new 8000-grade 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasive Discs, 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material and a family of polishing pads— all engineered to revolutionize paint finishing repair.

The steps are simple: first, remove dirt nibs, dust and level excess texture using a 3M™ Purple Finishing Film Hookit™ Disc (P1500 or P2000). Next, refine the remaining scratches using the 3000-grade 3M™ Trizact™ Hookit Foam Disc. Further refine the scratch, and skip compounding, using Trizact™ 8000 Foam Disc. Finally, to remove the final sand scratches and achieve a high shine, use the 1-Step Finishing Material and the matching foam pads.

Ultra-micro-fine 8000 grade discs produce a scratch pattern so fine that they easily achieve the same results as compounding—without the compound. That means cleaner, easier and more efficient results. Paint finishing with 3M™ Trizact™ abrasives can reduce overall polishing time by up to 75 percent while providing consistent paint finish results.

“It’s an amazing product,” says Marcus Schneider, Senior Application Engineer at 3M, “and the extremely fine grade gives a beautiful finish. Getting the scratches out of the clearcoat is difficult, and the Trizact 8000 disc makes that job easier.”

Finishing is completed with the specially formulated 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material and matching foam finishing pad. Together they deliver the cut of compounding with the fine finish of polishing. The result is deeper, glossier finishes with no swirl and less clean-up.

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