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Tips for Attracting Millennials

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When looking for ways to engage the powerful and influential millennial demographic, experts suggest looking outside of the industry for companies and people that have been successful at it.

On that note, Jeff Butler, an author, speaker and consultant on millennials, recently shared a few examples that he believes have done an effective job of this. 

Grant Cardone, author, sales trainer, speaker 

Cardone uses video to show what he’s doing behind-the-scenes at his business. This makes the information entertaining and creates brand awareness, while simultaneously also building trust with millennials through transparency. 


The fast-food giant uses Snapchat to recruit new job candidates, a technique that Butler says many companies are switching to for both marketing and recruiting purposes.  

River Pools and Spas, backyard retailer and swimming pool builder 

According to Butler, the company saved itself during the 2008 financial crash by writing informative blog articles. This helped engage millennials because this generation tends to do extensive online research. 


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