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3 Reasons CollisionLink Shop is the No. 1 Option for Sourcing Parts

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There are many options for a shop to provide top parts and service to its customers. Only one, however, leads the industry in OEM parts at discount prices: CollisionLink Shop, by OEConnection. CollisionLink Shop helps you locate, source, specify and purchase the right part for the right repair every time.

Simple, accurate and efficient, CollisionLink Shop has helped thousands of collision repair owners across the country. Below, three share their experience with the No. 1 OEM parts resource in the industry.


Reason No. 1: CollisionLink Improves Efficiency

Scott Jones and Yves Pierre-Louis are not interested in slowing business down. Jones owns Northside Collision, a six-shop operation near Syracuse, N.Y., and Northside didn’t achieve a reputation as a knowledgeable, fair and reliable shop because of slow cycle times. 

“People are involved in an accident, and we’re here to ease that process,” Pierre-Louis says, Northside’s director of business development.

“We help people, and it’s a complicated business. There are many moving parts. To do it well, we constantly ask ‘how can we improve our processes to keep moving forward?’ ”

CollisionLink Shop is their preferred tool of choice for parts procurement and to improve shop efficiency. All six Northside locations order parts electronically, and Pierre-Louis considers CollisionLink Shop as not only good for the company, but great for the customers as well. 

Northside is committed to using at least 90 percent OEM replacement parts, and CollisionLink enables that sort of quality control on behalf of the customer.

“We can order OEM parts immediately off CollisionLink Shop,” Pierre-Louis says, “and CollisionLink Shop improves the speed of ordering the parts. Vendors ship parts immediately and it speeds the repair. It’s good for us, it’s good for the customers, it’s good for the insurance company. Everybody wins.”


Reason No. 2: CollisionLink Offers the Best OEM Aftermarket Pricing

“You always think, there must be cheaper options on parts, and that it’s easier to get a used piece from the junkyard opposed to a new one from the factory,” says Frankie Ofrias, owner of 9th Street Collision (New York City).


Ofrias and his team have been using CollisionLink Shop for several years, and adopting it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made for his business.

“The discounts you get automatically from CollisionLink Shop without submitting paperwork really pushes you to buy OEM instead of aftermarket,” he adds. 

Ofrias orders the parts himself, but also trusts his staff to use CollisionLink Shop. The interface is so easy and foolproof, he says, that he can continue working on the business and delegate some of the parts ordering during busy times to his service advisors and technicians. 

Ofrias mentions that people always poke their heads in, and that’s how he likes it.

“That’s how we run our business,” he says, “no secrets and no surprises.”

He finds the same sentiment true with CollisionLink Shop—a part is either in stock or it’s not, and he knows he always enjoys the best prices the market has to offer. 


Reason No. 3: Eliminate 99 Percent of Aftermarket Parts from Your Inventory

For Jeremy Dugan, one of the main benefits of CollisionLink Shop is its ability to clean your inventory in one swoop. No more sourcing parts from questionable third-party vendors; no more questions of quality every time you open that box.

“That’s what most customers don’t understand about our shop,” Dugan says. “There’s very little aftermarket parts being used.”

As owner of Frank’s collision repair shop (San Clemente, Calif.)—a body shop with more than 50 years of history behind its facade—trusting CollisionLink to uphold its promise of OE parts and discounts allows Dugan to uphold his promise of quality for every fix at Frank’s. 

Dugan remembers ordering parts before committing to CollisionLink Shop.

“You’d call the dealership to purchase a part, and at that point you were obligated to use an aftermarket part due to the insurance company,” he explains. “Instead of dealing with fit issues and non-OEM, we now have a program to purchase OE parts.” 

From San Clemente to New York City, CollisionLink Shop is the No. 1 tool for reliable collision parts and components. To learn more and to sign up for free, check out

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