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SATA Brings Oktoberfest to SEMA

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 8, 2019



Tess: Hi, everyone. We are live at the SATA booth. I am here with Tony Larimer, director of sales and marketing, and I feel like we're in a completely different world. This is great! Can you tell us a little bit about the booth’s theme this year?

Tony: This year, with our company SATA being based in Germany, they wanted to bring piece of Germany here, so the whole thing has been an Oktoberfest theme. So we brought all the Bavarian aspects of Germany here to the show, so it's been a great time.

Tess: You guys always have the greatest booth. Can you tell me a little bit about the process for how you come up with the theme?

Tony: Well, I mean there's a lot of conversations back and forth, but SATA out of Germany, in their marketing department, they’ve got a great crew, and so they really like to sit down and talk about different ideas. They bounced this one off of us, and we were a little reluctant, you know, but decided yeah, let’s do this. And it’s been fun. I’m glad we did it. It looks great.

Tess: Do you have a favorite past booth that you've done, a theme?

Tony: I would say it’s got to be this one or we did one number of years ago. It was kind of based on a Route 66 theme. That was pretty cool, too.

Tess: And we stopped by a little bit earlier, and we saw a lot of the team doing some stretches and stuff. Can you tell us a little about that?

Tony: Every morning we do a group huddle, and one of our German counterparts translates a German story into English, and with different words in the story, you have to do different actions for it. But it gets everyone loosened up in the morning, gets everyone laughing and smiling before we start the show.

Tess: For sure. Well, thank you so much Tony. I really appreciate it.

Tony: Thank you.

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