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New Products and Safety on the Shop Floor from Spanesi

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 8, 2019



Tess: Hi, everyone. We are live on the SEMA shop floor on the actual last day, which is exciting. We are at the Spanesi booth. I'm here with Tim Morgan, the chief operating officer. How are you doing today?

Tim: This show’s just fabulous. It's really been a wild show, to be able to release a brand new product called PULL UP! We not only can do glue pulling like everyone else, but we can pull structurally. You can see the strength of our proprietary glue is just amazing. So we can take a dent, we can take a large dent, we can take a structural rocker panel, b-pillar, and we can pull up to five tons with our glue. There's not another company in the industry that can do that at this day.

Tess: That’s amazing. One thing I wanted to talk to you about is shop floor safety. It's an issue that we're seeing. A lot of times there are accidents with equipment, technicians are getting hurt, so I was just wondering if you could share any tips that you have as far as how often you should be inspecting your equipment, how often you should be investing in new equipment?

Tim: Well, an equipment investment has to happen almost every year as the times change, but when it comes to safety, I mean there needs to be daily meetings in the shop to be able to talk about safety issues. There needs to be at least monthly inspections of equipment to make sure it's operating safely, and with our customers, we do a yearly inspection, where we make sure that we go out at least once a year look at the piece of equipment to make sure that it’s operating safely and that it's safe to be able to operate.

Tess: Perfect. Well, thank you so much Tim. I really appreciate it.

Tim: Have a great show.

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