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PPG Brings the Art of Paint to SEMA

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 7, 2019



Morning, everyone. I am Christina Murray, director of communications at PPG Refinish. We are live here at the SEMA show, and you are at the PPG Unleashed Booth. So, this year's theme is PPG unleashed, and what we hope that you will see when you come visit us here at the show is all the great work that's been done by our painters whenever they use our product and they become Unleashed. This year at the booth, what you'll see is an awesome graffiti wall featuring some of our past and current products, as well as two Impalas and a Cadillac painted in lowrider style. Paul Stoll and Frank Ramos an awesome job with this red Cadillac that's giving great attention for all the sparkle and detail with our products, as well as Richie Valles with his lowrider Impala. And we can't forget Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan with his Impala all done in a bright white but with some awesome Pete Finlan touches with the graphics and the artistry in that car.

So we hope you come visit us, because we have a lot of great artistry and folks in the booth showing off our colors. We have work done by Pete Finlan. We have Tony Squindo, Bill Steele; we also have Shannon, the Kelly's worked with us this year, so many great artists that provided great panels, great looks, great Inspirations for you to try. And we hope that you come visit us, and if you can't, please check us out on our Instagram page with PPG Refinish, as well as on Facebook at PPG Refinish. And if you painted something for us or you're at the show, please use our hashtag of #PPGUnleashed. Thank you very much.

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