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Interview with Mike Dunlap of Guniwheel

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 6, 2019




Tess: Hi! I am Tess Collins with FenderBender. We are live at SEMA 2019. We are here at the Guniwheel booth with Mike Dunlap, who is the brand manager. And I understand you had some pretty exciting news yesterday. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

Mike: Yes, absolutely. We were so excited we were runner up in the Collision Shop Repair Tool of the Year Award - New Product. We have two versions of the new product: the Guniwheel 45 and the Guniwheel 56, and they're designed as a mobile mounting solution for cars that are missing tires and wheels. In the collision shop industry, a lot of times wheels and tires come in, and they have to send their wheels out for repair. So it leaves the shop with an immobile vehicle essentially, so we have to use a dolly or maybe leave it on jack stands or leave it up in the lift. Well, our solution is a universal fitting solution where they can mount and move the vehicle. I would equate it to like a dolly system, but you can drive it. In the collision shop world, it gets cars in and out of the booth faster. You can lower from a lift. You can mount these things on. You can move them around the shop. You can move them into the paint booth. You don't have to worry about covering the wheels and tires that may be on the vehicle still. It's a simple solution. The collision shops love it, because they can move the vehicles faster. Insurance companies love it, because it's less time in rental cars for their customers.

Tess: Do you want to point out the differences?

Mike: Yes. We have two different products. The difference is going to be the lug pattern design. So, you have the Guniwheel 45. This covers your four and five lug pattern designs, and there's the 56 to the left for your larger trucks and SUVs: Suburbans, F-150s. The great thing to know about this is that it works with most OEM lug bolts. You don't have to buy any special adapters or anything like that to use them. It also comes with spacers, so if you have oversized brake calipers on vehicles, you put these behind the Guniwheel itself to give it enough clearance. But there's also a 51 millimeter offset built into it so it's going to cover most calipers that are on the vehicle. If you need to have OEM lug bolts and lug nuts, we have them available. If you don't have them, we also have washers. The washers are important, because they actually protect from over tightening. We recommend 50 pounds torque maximum when tightening your Guniwheels, so if you use a washer, that will protect it for sure. They're made of polyurethane rubber on the exterior, so there's no air required. Other solutions it’s useful for are long-term storage of vehicles, or auto restoration guys are really liking it, because they can use them while they're waiting for tires or wheels to come in while building a vehicle.

Tess: So this is your very first SEMA, but it's the company's second correct?

Mike: That's correct.

Tess: So this is a pretty big deal — your second SEMA to win such a huge award. Was there anything that you did to celebrate?

Mike: Not yet. No. It's been such a day where we're going, going and going and meeting new people. Yeah, we'll definitely do that come the end. We’re going to be at the SEMA Ignite, which would be the closing thing, so we're going to have one of our vehicles that that they're building at Count Kustoms that they're used our Guniwheels. They used them at the shop, so they are displaying their car on our wheels, so that's great.

Tess: That's awesome, and congratulations. Thank you so much for telling us all about it, and we will see you tomorrow.

Mike: Bye, guys.

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