SEMA 2019

MIG Braizing Tutorial from I-CAR

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 6, 2019



Hi this is Jerry Goodson from the I-Car booth at SEMA we're going to do a quick brief introduction to Silicon bronze welding otherwise know as MIG braizing. So, we’re glad to show this new process.

Well, there’s our first tack. There’s our second tack. And now what I'm going to do is clean the soot off of the area that we're welding. That'll keep my ? gap from closing up. And then the first weld I’m going to do, I’m going to come in fairly close, get our molten puddle of brass flowing. And then I’m going to get my gun to start a distance back about between half and three-quarters of an inch. And what that’ll do is actually drive our penetration from the front to the back.

You’ll notice as I was going through, I let the molten metal cool a little bit just until the orange color goes away. And then that means it’s time to hit it again. So, let me wire brush it. You look at the small heat affected area from that weld, I mean it didn't burn a lot of the zinc off of it, even.

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