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3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing System Demo

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 6, 2019



All right, everybody. I'm Dan Wittek with 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. We’re here live at the 3M Collision Repair booth doing demonstrations of a whole bunch of different products, but what I wanted to focus on is 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing System. To give you a little bit of an introduction to this, it's a it's another tool in your toolbox that can, in some circumstances, replace our traditional 1-2-3 compounding system. It’s a combination of a new abrasive disc, 8000 grit trizact, combined with Perfecit-It one-step finishing material and a purple pad. It replaces compound in your traditional swirl mark remover.

I'm going to go ahead and start on this panel and remove a few defects with our finishing film products. I’m just going to do a small area so that this demo is quick. I’ve got a freshly painted panel that has orange peel and dirt nibs. You essentially want to sand until you have your desired level of flatness or defects removed, whatever the case might be. So that looks pretty adequate, and I’m going to go ahead and peel that disc off. For those of you that have been around for a while you know that we've been making trizact (somebody mixed up my discs) trizact 3000 for about 17 years since we last launch this product.

The whole beauty behind this, I could go to the compound and a wool buff pad or a full buff pad right away, but when you use a product like this, you're saving time. You're using a lightweight tool rather than a big heavy tool. Really a time-saver and saves on your body. It's not going to change the overall outcome. It's just going to make it easier and faster for you.

So, little bit of water. We're going to damp sand, and because it's wet and I can't see, I'm going to sand in a pattern — north, south and east and west. And because it's the dry cured panel, I'm going to go about 4 to 6 passes. There's 3, 4, 5 and 6. I'm going to quick clean that off so that you can see the refined surface after using 3000 grit.

If you can catch that on the camera, starts this somewhat sand the shine back into the paint, but watch this. After use 8000 grit or C8000 grit, you’ll see how much better it can actually be. We’re just going to tape off a little section, so you can see the before and after. A little bit of water on the panel, little bit on the pad. Again, same pattern — north, south, east and west.

So, you know it's cutting when you see that white foam coming behind the abrasive disc. That's essentially dust inside the water. That's how you know it's cutting. It’s also a good indicator for a worn-out desk, if you don't see that, it means you're not cutting any longer. As it starts to dry out, just a little bit more water. Because I was talking, I lost my count, but I think that was about the 4-6 passes that are recommended.

All right. So, dry that off. Let me show you that before and after, what 8000 grit does. I don't know if you can see that on camera, but basically starts to really sand the shine back into that paint. So, I had two sanding steps to refine my original 2000 grit defect removal, but now I only have one polishing step.

I'm going to go ahead and tape that back off. So, again, 3M’s Perfect-It 1-Step finishing material in combination with our new purple pad, apply good medium pressure to start. After I see the gloss start to come up, then I can lighten up on my pressure.

There we go to lighten up for that final finish, and then a dedicated detail cloth so wipe up that material to get the best possible finish. There you go. So, for a medium blue like this, or silvers and greens, whatever the case may be, you're done right then and there. If you have a black car, something that really requires the perfect finish without any holograms, then you may still want to consider the third step from our classic 1-2-3 paint finishing system, and it'll give you the deepest, most perfect black finish. But outside of that, this is ready to go. So, if you're interested in that, you can come by and check us out the lot by the North Hall, right next to the Ford track, otherwise check us out at

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