Consistent Scanning Stressed at CIC

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 5, 2019—At the outset of Tuesday's Collision Industry Conference gathering in Las Vegas, the Emerging Technologies Committee took the stage.

And, in that discussion in front of a largely full ballroom, the importance of scanning and also properly recalibrating vehicles' ADAS systems took center stage. The discussion panel, which featured both vendors and shop operators, looked at the value of a standardized industry process for such repair staples.

The main goal of the discussion was to get service provider segments to work together for the benefit of collision repair customers.

"I think we [as an industry] should all look in the mirror, and we deserve a bit of a scolding," said Darrell Amberson, the president of operations at LaMettry's Collision in greater Minneapolis. "How can we possibly, after it's been over four years now we've been talking about scanning, [have] less than half the cars getting scanned out there? My gosh.

"We've had significant changes over the years that many of us have seen that it takes a year or two to adapt to," he added, "and normalize and figure out charges and policies and things like that. But here we are, after four years, and we still don't have our act together.

"I think that's pathetic."

Additionally, the panel touched on the importance of making sure that no ADAS calibrations are overlooked before modern vehicles are delivered back to customers.

"I really challenge you to go back to your staff and try a very simple repair ... and see what you missed," said Jake Rodenroth, an executive with asTech. "Say 'I'm going to humble myself --- and I'm going to go back and look.'"

"You don't want a $1,000 surprise at the end of a repair," Rodenroth added. "I don't think that's good for anybody."

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