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I-CAR’s Enhanced myI-CAR® Experience

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In what now seems like a different world, I-CAR students once attended a class where an instructor presented with a carousel slide projector or video cassette machine. Then, new technology came out and those were retired in favor of more engaging and advanced live, virtual, and online classroom tools. Even today, the collision repair industry is continuing to see major technology advancements with the increasing use of digital tools and mobile devices, even in the workplace. 

Main 3I-CAR has added another tool to the retired list! The paper test form that was given out at every live class will be retired, and a new mobile app will give students a new way to complete their post-tests for classroom or virtual courses. This, and a completely revamped myI-CAR experience, will be another leap forward into the digital era for the collision repair industry.

Navigating an entirely updated myI-CAR may feel different at first, that’s why I-CAR has put some serious thought into guiding I-CAR students and training managers through the enhanced process.


“I wanted to take the practice of learning through video and create short, tutorial-style videos so the minute technicians or training managers need to know something about the new systems, they don’t have to pick up the phone and call I-CAR,” says Aaron Danielson, Corporate Trainer and Senior Associate in Development and Training at I-CAR.

In other words, in an increasingly digital industry, I-CAR is following suit, empowering its clients to augment their skillset at their own pace and on their own time by guiding those users through their first experiences on the enhanced platforms to ease the transition. 

“I-CAR’s enhanced myI-CAR experience, makes it easier for customers to plan their training, monitor their earned certification and recognitions, and see the knowledge and skills areas for each of their roles,” Danielson says, “and a dedicated page introduces users to these key resources that make it easy to stay on top of all training progress and requirements.”

The new program helps shops streamline and deliver dedicated training over time. The more the shops use it, the greater the level of customization will be. The first phase of visual guides offers five videos to most I-CAR students, while training managers will have access to twelve.


Go for Gold

The enhancements to myI-CAR also include new tools for shops that are Gold Class® or working towards their Gold Class Recognition.

“The Gold Class planner is a huge improvement and one of my favorite aspects of the enhanced I-CAR,” Danielson says.

“Launching the Gold Class planner, training managers get a single-page view that shows all the required training for that organization to renew or achieve Gold Class. Users can select courses for training, learning plans, and even see what certifications their team members have and when they need to be renewed by. It consolidates all necessary info into one view and makes it easier to plan the next year’s worth of training.” 


Train Your Way

Danielson knows that people training with I-CAR and working in the collision repair industry are aware of the fast pace of change that occurs daily. He started working in the collision repair field back when mobile phones were a luxury, and pre-scanning a vehicle meant the estimator looked the car over while it was still hooked up on the tow truck. That’s why he’s excited about Discover myI-CAR.

“Discover myI-CAR is a video series that will help them navigate the enhancements to their myI-CAR user experience,” he says.

“It provides a bird’s-eye view on how to plan for welding events, navigate the Gold Class planner, or how to go into the catalog and register for the right courses to meet technicians’ needs. Discover myI-CAR is located in everyone’s account when they launch myI-CAR. Once logged in, users have a dedicated app that will lead to a custom series of short, 3-5-minute videos tailored to what they do.” 

Discover myI-CAR isn’t limited to only Gold Class shops; it will be available to every individual and shop that trains with I-CAR.

To summarize, the enhanced myI-CAR experience includes:

  • Easy-to-follow plans to reach or maintain training milestones.
  • Added resources for training managers to purchase training for the shop(s).
  • Short videos to explain what’s changed and how to navigate the new learning experience.

I-CAR is sensitive to the change that shops and technicians will be adjusting to and has developed training to guide Training Managers and Technicians through the new learning experience.

Learn more at or by logging into your myI-CAR account today at

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