UN Publishes New Framework for AV Safety

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Sept. 6, 2019—A new framework will help guide the future work of the United Nations (UN) on the future of mobility, reported Intelligent Transport.

The World Forum of Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations has developed a framework document. The forum is under the leadership of China, the European Union, Japan and the United States.

The framework will apply to automated/autonomous vehicles equipped with systems that can drive under the driver’s partial supervision or with zero supervision—what is generally referred to as automation Levels 3 to 5. It outlines that when in practice, vehicles will not cause traffic incidents that result in injury or death when preventable.

The forum must address issues including system safety, failsafe response, human machine interface, object event detection and response, cyber-security and more. Draft proposals on all of these topics will be prepared by four new technical groups, led by experts from Asia, Europe and North-America, to ensure the widest possible technical and geographical representation. 

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