Ford Issues Recalls for Missing Seat Restraints, Steering Issues

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Sept. 3, 2019—Ford recently issued recalls for 576,595 cars, which are affected by one of three recalls while the fourth recall is exclusive to Canada, according to CNET.

The first recall is for a lack of seat restraints and covers 483,325 vehicles in the US and another 58,712 in Canada. Models with a manual driver or front passenger seatback recliner mechanism may house the defect. Because of the issue, in the event of a crash, a weak seatback may not restrain a passenger properly.

Ford's second recall covers vehicles in states and Canadian provinces with "high-corrosion conditions." Due to improper wax coating, corrosion may affect the steering gear motor's bolts and lead to the loss of power steering.

The third recall is exclusive to the 2019 Ford Fiesta and involves brake caliper seal contamination.The subcompact car may have been exposed to incorrectly labeled fluids during production. The exposure could produce a brake caliper leak.

The final recall is exclusive to Canada and covers 2012-13 Ford Fiesta models. Cars may have corroding battery junction boxes. Relay or fuse corrosion may lead to the loss of low-beam headlights while driving and daytime running lights may not work.

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