State Troopers Sue Ford Over Alleged Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Aug. 14, 2019—Six Washington state troopers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Ford recently saying their patrol vehicles gave them carbon monoxide poisoning, per a report from CBS News.

The officers alleged their Ford Explorer cruisers have a defect that allows exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide to get into the passenger compartment. That allegedly caused them to experience symptoms like headaches, nausea and foggy thinking.

The lawsuit said the defect with the climate control system is in Explorer model years 2011-18, according to the report. Ford's fix, according to the lawsuit, was to replace the exhaust system, "which was merely a bandaid fix as the exhaust system would warp and fail again."

CBS News reported that police departments in more than a dozen states raised concerns about possible carbon monoxide leaks. In a frightening 2015 crash in California, the police officer driving passed out.

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